Poster freaks was launched in the summer of 2018, we wanted to start an original movie and music memorabilia company with a twist. What is that you ask... well we have a passion for the unusual!

  • Large Format Posters – We love big posters, the artwork with some of the most iconic posters is accentuated in the big poster formats.
  • Foreign Language and Art House posters – We love a taste of different cultures and how this influences poster design. The work, for example, from the Polish graphic art movement, and in particular, the Polish School of Posters is one of our favourite genres. Their work on domestic and classic English language movie posters is incredible. Search our site for some wonderful examples of this genre, not only should the poster collectors look at this but also our Interior Designer customers.
  • We have a design section which may contain that one item your house is missing. We believe poster design stands alongside traditional art, so check out the Design Inspiration section of the website for some unusual ideas and brilliant posters

That does not mean we don't have a passion for the traditional and a look through the archive shows we have and have had some wonderful classics in stock, along with some lower-priced posters, maybe the collectables of the future.

Our large stock of music posters, from album and single releases, promotional posters, tour and festival posters and punk classics. There's something to suit everyone! 

What also makes us stand out is our small but lovely gallery space in Yeovil Somerset, where we show our framed and mounted poster. We started our business in partnership with a bespoke framer, Gary Pyner Frames, which is still thriving in Yeovil. You can find our beautiful gallery space at 20 Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1EG

Not only can you purchase an incredible piece of original Music and Movie memorabilia but you can also ask us to frame for you. If you have never seen a French Grande (47 x 63 inch) poster, professionally framed by us, then you are missing a real treat!

Each year has brought new and exciting challenges and our promise to you, as our customer, is that we will always do our best, be honest and provide the highest level of service possible.

Happy hunting to all you Poster Freaks!